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Important notes

Mobile data: North Macedonia is NOT in the EU mobile phone data roaming system. You may incur substantial charges if you use your mobile phone data plan. Please contact your mobile provider to inquire about international data plans that cover North Macedonia.
Starting from 01.07.2021, the application of the roaming regulation “Roam Like At Home” (RLAH), which refers to the 6 countries of the Western Balkans (WB6), begins. The regulation applies to all WB6 operators – North Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro. With this regulation, mobile internet, SMS messages and calls made to the countries of the Western Balkans, while the users are roaming in those countries, will be charged at home.

The visa policy of the Republic of North Macedonia requires foreign visitors entering the country to obtain a visa from a diplomatic representative, embassy or consulate in their country of residence or the closest location where the diplomatic representative can be found. For more information see here.

EU Citizens
Citizens living in the European Union as well as the countries which are part of the Schengen Agreement can enter North Macedonia and stay for up to 90 days during a six-month period. No visa is required. The visa policy of the Schengen Area (including Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Croatia) grants 90 days free visa entry to the citizens living in the countries listed above. The Schengen area totals 26 member states.

Documents needed:
– A valid travel document (Passport or valid Identity card)
– Travel Insurance
*Residents who have an EU resident card can visit North Macedonia for up to 15 days every time they enter the country. However, for a stay longer than 15 days a visa is required. The total number of visits should not exceed more than 90 days during a period of 6 months.
* Third parties who have a valid Schengen Visa “C” can travel to North Macedonia and stay up to 15 days. The total number of visits should not exceed more than 90 days during a period of six months.

USA Citizens
Citizens of the United States of America do not require a visa to enter North Macedonia on business/tourism trips. However, the trip should not exceed 90 days during a period of six months.

Required documentation:
-Valid US passport, longer than 3 months than the validity of the issued visa
-Travel Medical Insurance for the period of stay
– Proof of sufficient financial funds for the duration of the stay
*USA citizens can apply at the North Macedonian Embassy in Washington D.C. located at 2129 Wyoming Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C, USA

Other Citizens
Citizens from Argentina, Albania, Australia, Azerbaijan, Botswana, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Cuba, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Canada, Costa Rica, Chile, Malta, Monaco, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Turkiye, Russia, Peru, Serbia, Uruguay, New Zealand, Kosovo, Peru, Panama, Montenegro and Venezuela can travel to North Macedonia without a visa if they stay less than 90 days.Citizens of Moldova, Egypt, Armenia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Qatar, China, Colombia, Maldives, Kuwait, Nepal, Oman and Tunisia need a visa to enter North Macedonia.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia provides information for each country whether a visa is needed or not. In addition, the Ministry provides contact information for the competent consulate where a visa can be obtained. Moreover, if there is no diplomatic consulate in the country of residence, one should contact the consulate in the nearest country.

*All citizens upon their arrival in North Macedonia, within a maximum of 24 hours, must register with the local police otherwise they will face a fine when leaving the country. If one is staying in a hotel, the hotel will register you in the closest police station. However, if one is staying with relatives or in a private apartment, the property owner or the relatives should escort the visitor/tourist to the police station. In addition, the paper issued by the police station should be kept at all times. In case one does not register with the police, the fine is between 600 to 1000 Euro and restrictions upon returning to North Macedonia.
*If a minor citizen (under the age of 18) enters North Macedonia, they need to have a notarized statement (certified by competent authority) from their parents/guardians.
*If the foreigner for any reason changes the address, this should be reported at the nearest police station and reregister with the new address.
*For those who have more than one passport, they are required to use the same passport when entering/exiting North Macedonia.
* People holding UN travel document do not require visa to enter North Macedonia.
* Residents from Albania, Montenegro and Serbia can enter North Macedonia only with a valid Identity Card.

*Documents needed for a Short Stay Visa (C) or Transit Visa (B):
– Valid Travel Document (Passport)
– Travel Insurance
– Invitation or a letter of guarantee (notarized statement) certified by a competent authority
– Proof of financial funds enough to cover the stay (bank statement/credit card)
– Colour photography (with white background)
– Proof that the Visa Tax has been paid
– Visa application form, legibly fille


By Plane
Skopje Airport is the main airport located around 20 km from the capital city. Weekly, over 150 flights from different European cities arrive at the airport.
From European cities, direct flights are available from Istanbul, Izmir, Rome, Venice, Milan, Zagreb, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Dortmund, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Brussels, Sofia, Malmo, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Paris, Eindhoven, Vienna, Zurich, Basel and London. In addition, direct flights to North Macedonia are available from Dubai.

By Bus
Depending on the schedule at the departing city, many buses arrive at the New Bus Station in Skopje. However, different operators either stop or continue the journey to other cities such as Ohrid and Strumica. No matter where are you heading, frequent local buses from Skopje depart to other cities.
Among domestic operators, the best known is Eurobus, which operates from Vienna to North Macedonia (four times per week) and from Germany and Switzerland to North Macedonia (two times per week). In addition, Durmo Tours has a daily bus line from Tirana (Albania) to North Macedonia. The same bus operator runs to and from Venice. In addition, Makedonija Soobrakaj has daily service from Sofia as well as from Thessaloniki. Hisar Turism operates daily from Zagreb to Skopje, from Ljubljana to Skopje, as well as from Istanbul to Skopje. Busses from Brussels to North Macedonia run twice a week as well as buses from Sarajevo to North Macedonia. Once a week, a bus line from Copenhagen is scheduled. The international bus operators Eurolines has regular bus lines from Germany. Depending on the departure city, buses run from two to four times per week.

By Train
North Macedonia has train connections with Serbia, Kosovo and Greece.
The Central Train Station in Skopje is located at the same place as the New Bus Station. Direct trains connect, Belgrade Budapest, Ljubljana, Kosovo, Zagreb, Belgrade and Thessaloniki with the capital city of North Macedonia, Skopje.

General Information
We’ve put together some useful information and advice when planning your trip and to help you make the most of your stay in Skopje – check out

The national currency is the North Macedonian Denar.

Foreign currencies can be easily exchanged in banks. ATMs can be found in all parts of the city. Cash withdrawals may be made using your credit/debit card. The logos of accepted cards are shown besides the machine. Most internationally recognized bank credit cards are accepted and widely used in all hotels, restaurants and shopping malls where such methods of payment are indicated by the entrance.

Electricity In North Macedonia, the power sockets are a standard voltage of 230V with a frequency of 50Hz.

Country Code and Important Telephone Numbers
• Country Code: +389
• Emergency Services: 112

The weather in North Macedonia in May is in general perfect. May has maximum daytime temperatures ranging from moderate in Ohrid with 20°C (69°F) to warm temperatures in Skopje with 24°C (76°F). Nighttime temperatures generally drop to 10°C (50°F) in Skopje and 9°C (48°F) in Ohrid.

The Congress Organizing Committee, or its agents, will not be responsible for any medical expenses, loss, damages or accidents during the Event. We would in particular draw your attention to the cancellation policy in respect of registration fees and accommodation. In the event that, for whatever reason, the Conference has to be cancelled or postponed, the Organizing Committee, and/or its agents, will be responsible only for refund of monies received. We recommend that delegates insure themselves for medical and cancellation charges.