Information for the city

Skopje Introduction

In its 2,500 years of existance, Skopje welcoming capital city has had many different embodiments. All of them – from Roman to Byzantine, from Ottoman to Yugoslav – have left permanent traces on the city as is evidenced by Skopje’s varied architecture and its mix of cultures. Yet in addition to its strong historical associations, Skopje is a forward-looking city offering an abudance of modern amenities and attractions.

What to see

The concentrated complexity of Skopje today attracts visitors offering a great variety of things to see and do, constrantly reminding the public of the city’s storied past. Chief among sights to see are the Stone Bridge crossing the River Vadar, the Ottoman-era Old Bazzar Stara Charshija, and the Kale Fortress walls.

The summit of Mt. Vodno is also crowned with the enormous Millenium Cross that presides over the city. One gets even more magnificent views of FYROM’s capital from this point.

Skopje suggests something to suit all modern tastes and appetites. It features well-established hotels, restaurants and cinemas, aw well as shopping malls with all the latest fashion, and usually at lower prices than in Western countries. The city is a major regional center for concerts, theatre preformances, dance and sporting events, all of which frequently feature well-known celebrities from abroad as well as the best in the neighboring countries.

Hotels operating to the highest standards are centrally located, the water is eminently drinkable and the food hearty and nourishing with all international tastes represented – in addition  to the excellent local cuisine, of cource! Also, it is one of the safest cities in Europe.